Planning a Winter Solstice Celebration


Since this is our first year as a school we are creating traditions we hope last well into the future. It seems one of these traditions is celebrating the seasons as a community. On November 1st we celebrated the Fall with a Fall Festival. The students spent extra time outside among the trees, read Fall themed books, completed an acorn painting, counted seeds in two large pumpkins, and enjoyed homemade applesauce they cooked together.

We’re lucky to be in school on the shortest day of the year this year! It’s also the day before our Winter Break. To celebrate the return of the light we are planning a fun Winter Solstice Celebration. I happen to have a 10 month old so I have plenty of baby food jars laying around. Each student will get their own jar and make their own candle.

Earlier in the week I plan on having the students do this fun activity. I would do it during our celebration but I have a feeling they won’t dry in time to be sent home that day.

For lunch, all the families will be invited to take part in a potluck. It should be a warm, celebration of the season as we all gather together and celebrate.

Stay tuned for pictures from our celebration. Before we know it we’ll be celebrating Spring and then Summer!