A Few of Our Favorite Books

Jill (Acorn mom): We "read" the book "You Choose" for a year straight. It’s a book where the kid tells the story by choosing the characters, what they wear, where they live, and what they do. My son loved having control of the story. Now that he is learning to read, those skills are really shining through. He has a keen eye for details and loves weaving a story by looking at the pictures. He can pull out words on the page from the pictures. We read the book so much we had to buy a new copy. :)

You Choose
Kane Miller

Rachel (Oak mom): Both my kids loved this when they were little, and it’s one of those children’s books that has some quiet wisdom for parents, too. In this simple story, a boy plants a seed. Everyone says it won’t grow, but he tends it carefully nonetheless. Guess what? Eventually, it does grow. Keep this in mind when you are convinced that your kid will never learn to use the potty, learn to read, learn to drive, or move out of your basement. With a little encouragement from you, they will.