Science Thursday: Climate Change

Hello All,

Today the Oaks and Acorns had a joint science class.  We talked about natural climate change throughout time and how the earth started out really hot and eventually cooled.  How we have Ice Ages and periods like now cyclicly.  We also discussed how animals that can thrive in the Ice Age can have a hard time during interglacial times like now. We also discussed how the Mammoth and Saber cats went extinct due to a change in climate and human predation. I brought up two current examples of animals having a hard time due to climate changes (polar bears in Russia, and seals in Canada).


The kids were then tasked with making their own puppets of animals that might be having a hard time due to changes in their environments. These could be real life animals, imaginary animals, or helping animals that were trying to save those having a hard time. The kids did a great job with their puppets, and I believe had a great time. Hope you enjoyed the creations they brought home.

Have a great weekend, Olga