Science Thursday: Wind & Air

Hello All,

In science this week we talked about wind energy and air movement and how these things can help us in every day life (vacuuming, flying, sailboats, sneezing, etc.).  We talked about two ways in which wind movement helps us move boats and fly planes, catching the wind/air (like a sailboat and windmills) and redirecting the wind/air with an airfoil  (like flying and wind turbines).

The kids made pinwheels paying attention to the shape so that its blades could both catch the wind when blown from the side and redirect the wind via the airfoil shape when blown from the front. 

The Oaks and I also had a contest to see who could blow a lego car with a sail across the table with the least amount of breaths. Not to be showy, but I won :).

Good times, Olga (Acorn mom and scientist)