Valentine's Day Plans


Hello all! 
We are starting Economics in social studies. As part of that we are opening a Valentine’s Day store. On Valentine’s Day the kids will spend their money at our store to purchase paper, stickers, glitter, ribbons, etc. in order make Valentines.  They will make one for each student and then we will exchange them. So no need to make them at home....we are on it! 

— Annette

Today, we made wallets to keep the money we are earning by doing jobs for the school, such as stacking chairs, tidying up the library books or generally helping out.  I framed this by reminding the children that we’re all on the same team, and a good teammate helps out the team.  The children will have an opportunity to spend the money on Valentine’s Day when Annette will set up a store with all sorts of fun bits to buy.  

— Christine