Week 24: Stormy Weather

Alicia: We launched a new Severe Weather Events unit by reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It is one of my favorite tall tales about extraordinary weather events! The children brainstormed different severe weather events, even reaching to weather events on other planets. Today, I posed a research project that will culminate in us filming the children reporting on an extreme weather event in front of a green screen. We overviewed the project and brainstormed questions that we would want to answer in our research. 

Tsunami Alert!

Tsunami Alert!

In Spanish, we continued asking "Que tiempo hace hoy?" which literally means what weather makes today? (that was a hit!). Our answers (please excuse my English keyboard and lack of punctuation):

Esta nublado, Es una tormenta, Nieva, Hace sol, Llueve, Hace calor/frio

The children can sing Que Llueva independently now and are almost there with De Colores! We read an Elephant and Piggie book in Spanish (another great hit!) and finished dressing our little people for our favorite estacion.