Science Thursday: Silver Oaks Rocks

Hello All,

Today was all about rocks, we talked about the rock cycle that produces the three main types of rocks igneous (from fire), sedimentary (layered) and metamorphic (changing).  Along with rocks we talked about mineral and how they make up most rocks as well as bones, spoons, and pencil lead. We also talked about how geodes and fossils are formed. 

We watched as soil and dirt settled out of water to learn what sediment is (to relate to sedimentary rock)  and we are trying to make crystals out of borax to show how minerals  in geodes are formed.  To top it off we looked at a bunch of rocks and tried to identify some.  It was great to see the rocks kids brought in and they were all very excited to look at each others' rocks.  The kids were all given parts of thundereggs to take home.  

Have a great weekend,