Week 26: Writer's Workshop

Both groups enjoyed Writer’s Workshop this week.  The Kinder-2nd graders have completed the Launch and are now confidently sketching and writing stories.  As writers, we know that we are never done; I am reminding a few children about this each time we meet.  We can add to the picture, add to the words, or start a new piece.  The children are adding more detail to their drawings as they are writing their stories. Each time we meet, at least two children are offered the opportunity to share their work with the group.  

The 3rd and 4th graders have completed the unit Breathing Life into Essays. The children are pushing their thinking by extending their thoughts with phrases such as, “For example…," “This makes me realize…,” “This gives me the idea that….”  We explored our Seed Idea for an essay, or our thesis. We’e asking ourselves, “What exactly do I want to say?”  Next week, we’ll begin to put it all together.  

The Writing Process.jpg